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About Us Hong Kong Fashion (“”) was established and launched in 2003. is an original brand created in Hong Kong, a 100% Hong Kong fashion brand. Since launching, has been achieving solid growth and has earned a name in the local fashion sector. brings creative vitality to the fashion scene in Hong Kong, showcasing the advantages of Hong Kong design.

While in the heart of is fashion and style, also focuses on natural and comfortable design. creates easy-to-wear, ready-for-mix-and-match fashion apparel and footwear. This brings out the charm and self-confidence of our customers.

Our Product Lines and by EM.

The design concept centers around the pursuit of fashion and style. emphasizes natural layering and delicate lines, and cozy-to-wear and soft-to-touch qualities. The handpicked materials include cotton, silk and linen. by EM, where “EM” stands for “Easy Match”, features work outfits for women that effortlessly mingle with personal ideas for a stylish look. by EM answers the longing for a simple, comfortable, and no-hassle working wardrobe of professional and fashionable women. by EM is essentially vibrant and knows no limits, providing boundless energy and inspirations for the wearer.